June 20, 2012

Beverly Hills, USA

The Bazaar, SLS Hotel

@ 9:00 PM - 11:00 PM

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the iDate Mobile Dating Industry party?
A: The iDate Mobile Dating Industry party is a series of local networking events for entrepreneurs and professionals in the dating industry. It was made to give startup companies the opportunity to meet peers, gain knowledge and seek partners.

Q: Who attends the iDate Mobile Dating Industry party?
A: iDate Mobile Dating Industry party is attended by a diverse group: Senior dating industry executives, to mobile dating CEOs, dating affiliates, social dating startup executives, matchmakers, dating coaches, investors, venture capitalists and more.

Q: Why should I attend?
A: This is one of the forum for the dating industry where business gets done. Startups meet with seasoned professionals to find the best revenue structures. Dating companies look for new acquisitions, new partners and new ideas. Venture capitalists and angel investors look for new investment opportunities.

Q: Why Beverly Hills?
A: Beverly Hills was chosen as a local event with the dating startup CEO in mind. Beverly Hills is major city and a central hub for many airlines. We wanted you to meet others in your city in a convienient manner.

Q: What if I want to meet someone at the iDate Mobile Dating Industry party that has no badge and does not plan to register for the iDate Mobile Dating Industry party?
A: This is a closed event. The social areas and meeting rooms and some other areas of The Bazaar, SLS Hotel will be the forum where iDate Mobile Dating Industry party delegates conduct business. Only iDate Mobile Dating Industry party registrants will be allowed in these areas with NO exceptions.

Q: Do I have to give you my real name? I don't want it to appear on my badge.
A: We require your real first and last name for identification purposes only. We will place the name you would like to appear on the badge at the registration desk.

Q: I plan to bring my family to Beverly Hills so that we will have a vacation time after the event. Can my spouse and children accompany me into the event?
A: No. This is a closed event open to registered iDate Mobile Dating Industry party delegates only. You can register your spouse, however children under 18 years of age will not be registered and can not be admitted to the event.

Q: Do you provide a list of the delegate names and companies?
A: No. Apart from startups and affiliates, this event is attended by wealthy investorss and executives that do not wish to give out their names or contact details to others they do not know. Our top sponsors are not provided with a copy of the delegate list.

Q: How do I make appointments in advance of the event with delegates attending?
A: We strongly recommend you use the official Message Boards/Forums at TODO for the event. Announce that you are coming and what you have to offer. Your post will be read and meetings can be made in advance.

Q: I want to exhibit or sponsor at the iDate Mobile Dating Industry party. What can I do?
A: Contact us by telephone at USA +1 (212) 722-1744 ext. 4 or email us with your inquiry.

If you have any additional questions about attending that were not addressed on this web page, please email us


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